​​Jon Aycock, PhD

PhD, University of Oregon '22

First (and current) position: Stefan E. Warschawski Visiting Assistant Professor, UCSD

Research area: p-adic modular forms, arithmetic geometry

​​​Maria Fox, PhD

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2021-2022

Paul Olum Postdoctoral Scholar, 2019-2021

Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Oklahoma State University

PhD, Boston College

Research area: arithmetic geometry, especially Shimura varieties 

Sean Haight

Graduate student ​

Support: Borsting Research Fellowship (Summer 2021), NSF CAREER Grant DMS-1751281 (Summer 2020)

BA, Western Washington University

Research area: modular forms, including Siegel and hermitian modular forms

Catherine Hsu, PhD

PhD, University of Oregon '18

MS, University of North Carolina '15

Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Swarthmore College

First position: Heilbronn Research Fellow, University of Bristol 

Research area: congruences between modular forms, Eisenstein ideal, Euclidean ideals, apollonian circle packings, SET

Francis Dunn

Graduate student ​

BA, University of Warwick (England)

Research area: automorphic forms, especially Siegel and hermitian modular forms

Samantha Platt

Graduate student ​

Support: Paul and Harriet Civin Memorial Graduate Student Award and E. M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship (Summer 2022)

BA, Pittsburg State University

Research area: algebraic number theory and illustration

Vivek Pal, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar in Number Theory, '16-'17

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia University

PhD, Columbia University

Research area: Euler systems, elliptic curves

Current students


Heidi van Batenburg-Stafford

Senior honors thesis, Northwestern University, '11-'12

Research area: Algebraic number theory, especially class groups

Nat Milnes

Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, '21-'22

Education after UO: Pursuing PhD in Mathematics at Emory University

Research area: Algebraic number theory, especially visualization.  Worked on the Gaussian Periods app, now available on the Mac App Store (for use on laptop and desktop computers).

Max Dickinson

​Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, spring '16

Current position: putting together an experiment for the journal of stringed instruments and building acoustic guitars

Research area: Data science, as part of project funded by grant NSF DMS-1557642

Robert Macy

Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, spring '16​

Current position: Data Scientist at WalmartLabs

Education after UO: MS, Computer Science, University of Michigan College of Engineering

Research area: Data science, as part of project funded by NSF DMS-1557642