Max Dickinson

​Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, spring '16

Current position: putting together an experiment for the journal of stringed instruments and building acoustic guitars

Research area: Data science, as part of project funded by grant NSF DMS-1557642

Nat Milnes

Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, '21-'22

Education after UO: Pursuing PhD in Mathematics at Emory University

Research area: Algebraic number theory, especially visualization.  Worked on the Gaussian Periods app, now available on the Mac App Store (for use on laptop and desktop computers).

Current students


Francis Dunn

Graduate student ​

BA, University of Warwick (England)

Research area: automorphic forms, especially Siegel and hermitian modular forms

Sean Haight

Graduate student ​

Support: Borsting Research Fellowship (Summer 2021), NSF CAREER Grant DMS-1751281 (Summer 2020)

BA, Western Washington University

Research area: modular forms, including Siegel and hermitian modular forms

​​​Maria Fox, PhD

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow, 2021-2022

Paul Olum Postdoctoral Scholar, 2019-2021

Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Oklahoma State University

PhD, Boston College

Research area: arithmetic geometry, especially Shimura varieties 

Catherine Hsu, PhD

PhD, University of Oregon '18

MS, University of North Carolina '15

Current position: Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Swarthmore College

First position: Heilbronn Research Fellow, University of Bristol 

Research area: congruences between modular forms, Eisenstein ideal, Euclidean ideals, apollonian circle packings, SET

Heidi van Batenburg-Stafford

Senior honors thesis, Northwestern University, '11-'12

Research area: Algebraic number theory, especially class groups

​​Jon Aycock, PhD

PhD, University of Oregon '22

First (and current) position: Stefan E. Warschawski Visiting Assistant Professor, UCSD

Research area: p-adic modular forms, arithmetic geometry

Robert Macy

Undergraduate researcher, U. Oregon, spring '16​

Current position: Data Scientist at WalmartLabs

Education after UO: MS, Computer Science, University of Michigan College of Engineering

Research area: Data science, as part of project funded by NSF DMS-1557642

Vivek Pal, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar in Number Theory, '16-'17

Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Columbia University

PhD, Columbia University

Research area: Euler systems, elliptic curves

Samantha Platt

Graduate student ​

Support: Paul and Harriet Civin Memorial Graduate Student Award and E. M. Johnson Memorial Scholarship (Summer 2022)

BA, Pittsburg State University

Research area: algebraic number theory and illustration