The button above links to an app, Gaussian Periods, which was created with Swift and runs on Apple computers (laptops and desktops).  It allows one to plot Gaussian periods quickly.  I originally conceived of it as a tool for for quick exploratory analysis, i.e. to help make conjectures about graphical features of Gaussian periods.  A newer feature allows one to download layers to produce customized, aesthetically pleasing images, e.g. in Adobe Photoshop.  For example, that is how I made all the images in my joint paperA Gallery of Gaussian Periods with S. R. Garcia.

Tips for using the app:

1. After downloading the dmg file linked from the button above, open it on your Apple computer.  Inside, there is a an app called "Gaussian Periods."

2. Because I do not hold an Apple developer license, you might get a security warning.  Right click (or control-click) on the app.  Then click open.  Then click open again.  At that point, the app should start running on your Apple computer.  After more updates, I plan to publish the app on the UO Digital Press, which will eliminate the security warnings.

3. The images in the window of the app consist of Gaussian periods, like discussed in the paper A Gallery of Gaussian Periods.  To save the image, click "Export PNG."

4. For more control over the appearance of the layers in images, click "Export Layers."  If you open them in photoshop, you can change the colors and order in which they are layered.

5. Questions?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Please email me at myfirstinitialmylastnameATuoregonDOTedu.

6. Have fun, and enjoy!