Ducks hiding in library during Math 458 Cryptography Scavenger Hunt in 2016

Educational Activities​

Research students and postdocs:

  • Maria Fox will be a Paul Olum Postdoctoral Scholar at the University of Oregon, beginning in Fall 2019.  Her research focuses on arithmetic geometry.

  • Jon Aycock is currently my PhD student, studying modular forms.  He previously received summer support from my NSF CAREER grant DMS-1751281.  Fun fact: As an undergraduate at UNC, he was a student in my linear algebra and abstract algebra courses.

  • Vivek Pal was a postdoctoral scholar in number theory under my supervision in 2016-2017.  He is now a visiting assistant professor at Columbia University.

  • Heidi van Batenburg-Stafford wrote a senior honors thesis in algebraic number theory (on class groups) under my supervision at Northwestern University from 2011 to 2012.    

  • Max Dickinson, an undergraduate research student whose work was also was partially supported by my grant NSF DMS-1557642, explored the NHANES dataset during spring quarter 2016.


I chair Oregon's Distinguished Lecture Series for Undergraduate Students in Mathematics.  At UNC, Hsu and I co-organized a similar lecture series, which was funded by an award from the Kenan-Biddle Partnership. I am also faculty co-supervisor of Oregon's new Undergraduate Mathematics Club.  This fall, I was a member of the search committee for the new director of Oregon's McNair Scholars program.


I co-organized the 30th Annual Automorphic Forms Workshop, which took place in March 2016 at Wake Forest University.  This workshop was partially supported by NSF Grant DMS-1601959.​