Education and Professional Background

I joined the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon in 2015.  Previously, I was a tenure track assistant professor in the Mathematics Department at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, which I left when the University of Oregon did a great job solving my two-body problem.  I spent the spring semester of 2014 as a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University.  From 2009 through 2012, I was a Boas Assistant Professor in the Mathematics Department at Northwestern University.  For a (non-technical) interview from during my first year at Northwestern, click here.

My Ph.D. is from the University of Michigan.  During my last year of graduate school, I was a Visiting Student Research Collaborator at Princeton University.  During most of the two years before that, I was a Visiting Scholar at Columbia University.  For most of graduate school, I was supported by a Bell Labs Graduate Research Fellowship, awarded by the (now defunct) Lucent Foundation.  My Ph.D. supervisor was Christopher Skinner, and my postdoctoral supervisor was Matthew Emerton.  I received an A.B. summa cum laude in Mathematics from Princeton University, where I wrote my senior thesis under the supervision of Andrew Wiles.